Clients often come to us to get advice as to whether they would be entitled to compensation for injuries or loss suffered as a result of someone else’s fault.

Depending on what and when the incident happened, we may have to instruct an engineer to give an opinion on liability.  We may then write to the person who caused the injury or damage and request them to admit liability and to compensate our client.  If they refuse to do so we discuss with our client the various options open to them.  If the injury suffered is a ‘personal injury’ an application will have to be made to the Injuries Board at the outset. (See  There are a number of time limits to be adhered to and you will be advised fully in this regard.  We would be delighted to discuss this aspect of our practice with you if you find yourself in a position where you think that you may have a case deserving of compensation.

Our firm practices in all areas of litigation with a special interest in personal injuries, human rights and abuse cases.  We have also acted in several medical negligence cases in recent times.  We can guarantee that all clients will receive the most relevant and recent legal advice as well as an understanding ear in a completely confidential environment.  We engage competent barristers who assist us in advising our clients in any specialist area of law.