Conveyancing and Tenancies

Conveyancing is the term used regarding the transfer of legal title of holdings from one person to the other. We are there to guide you through the legal process, we draw up contracts, investigate title, draft documents as necessary, conduct searches on your behalf etc.   We have extensive experience in this area and have advised clients in every area from purchasing or selling sites and property; to arranging mortgages, or re-mortgages when necessary.  We appreciate that there are many pitfalls nowadays when securing and paying a mortgage and we ensure that we give our clients sufficient time and that they receive every assistance so they understand the contracts/mortgages that they are entering into.  We will advise you fully even if we think that you should not proceed to purchase for whatever reason so that you can make fully informed decisions. Unfortunately the conveyancing boom in Ireland often meant that Solicitors were under huge pressure from both vendor and purchaser alike to close the sale or purchase of properties without them being fully happy with the legal documentation. We have recently come across a number of properties whereby we had to advise our client not to proceed because the title was not in order and they would have been making a bad investment. There have also been situations where the engineer retained by our clients deemed the workmanship used in the construction of the property to be sub-standard.

We have significant experience in the rental property market and are fully apprised in the drafting of residential and commercial leases.   We have represented both landlords and tenants before the Private Residential Tenancies Board ( with very satisfactory results.

. We act for tenants and landlords in Commercial Letting agreements.