What To Expect

We conduct first meetings with clients in such a way as to allow a prospective client to decide if we are the law firm for them, and often, the first half hour or so if it is purely an exploratory meeting, is without charge.  This meeting is essential to allow a client get the flavour of the firm and solicitor and to allow the solicitor get an understanding of the client’s expectations.  After the first meeting and in the event that we are instructed, depending on the client’s wishes, much contact may be made via email or by telephone.  Once instructed we will send the client a ‘Section 68′ letter which sets out what we estimate our fees will be, or the basis of our charges where that is not possible. We will also send the client our ‘Terms and Conditions’. We are well aware that it is often difficult to arrange to call in to see your solicitor and we take this into consideration.  However, we are aware that most complaints about solicitors relate to poor communication, both in terms of regularity and also explaining matters in a coherent fashion.  We pride ourselves in maintaining active and informative client contact, reassuring our clientele and keeping them abreast of all relevant developments in their cases and in law.

Where matters are complex, involving more than one area of law, we work closely with our client to help prioritise the issues and identify the strategy or procedure for dealing with them.   Our pro-active and planned interaction with our clients, providing and seeking information, ensures that we can bring the agreed strategy or procedure to a satisfactory conculsion.  We give impartial, independent and confidential advice.  In essence the client is our central focus.