Grant of Administration & Probate

Grant of Administration

This is the document that the Courts issue when someone dies without having made a Will. Once issued the estate of the deceased can be distributed.  Similar to the extraction of a Grant of Probate, the procedures involved are somewhat complex and it is advisable to instruct a solicitor.  Our solicitors are expertly suited to helping you through this time.  Taxation is a large part of administrating an estate and there are strict time lines to be adhered to with sometimes costly consequences if you fail to do so.  Indeed now more than ever taxation has become an issue with the introduction of fines if you fail to file returns within the specified time limits.


This is the legal process whereby the Courts decide whether or not a person’s Will has been made correctly and thereafter, if so satisfied, the carrying out of the wishes of the deceased.  You don’t have to go to a solicitor to extract a Grant of Probate and can do it through the Probate Office in the Courts (see However, a number of taxes are triggered once someone dies and it is important that you are adequately advised of the various taxation implications and the strict time limits involved.  Our firm has a long history in this area of the law, with generations within families choosing us to administer their loved ones’ estates.  We do our utmost to deal with the bereaved families in a sympathetic and understanding matter as we appreciate that it is a very difficult time for them.  As well as a sensitive atmosphere we are able to fully apprise our client’s in every area of probate and advise Executors and Trustees of their roles.