Our Philosophy

Legal services are vital to a community and it is hugely important that a person should not feel deprived of access to legal advice because of their social or economic background. Based in the heart of Cork’s commercial district and with a long tradition of service, our clients are attracted to us, as a small firm, by the level of personal attention and attention to detail we provide. Our experience is that it is only when one listens to a client that the full implications of a given issue may be fully appreciated. For this reason we have not fully embraced the concept of time charging.  We think that it is vitally important that a client can comfortably communicate with us without having the worry of being time charged.

It often becomes clear during the initial or subsequent consultation, either in person, by phone or by email that a number of issues need to be dealt with, often with solutions that draw on more than one area of law. We work closely with the client to prioritise the issues and identify the strategy or procedure for dealing with them.

We also strive to outline the timeline and fee structure clearly, although this is sometimes not possible given the wide variety of permutations any one case may have. Regular updates to clients have become a key feature of our legal service, and we are pro-active in contacting clients if we do not hear from them to ensure that there are no developments of which we should be aware and of course to up date them in any areas of law that might be of interest to them. During the “Celtic Tiger” era clients simply did not have the time to look after the business entrusted to us  - our job was to bring the agreed strategy or procedure to its conclusion in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  We were extremely successful in this. During the recession has taken  hold we are fully aware that “time poor clients” have in some cases become “cash poor” and need to receive the same service for a competitive price.    We have grown with our clients to provide a level of service that fully supports them, which has been widely appreciated by them.  During this time of increasing competition between solicitors, we have managed to maintain a loyal client base and most of our new clients come through the recommendations of existing clients.

We have represented people in all jurisdictions of the Courts, i.e. the District Court, the Circuit Court and the High Court. For more information on the Courts please visit www.courts.ie.

If you choose us as your solicitors then we will assure you that we will strive to give you good prompt attention that your difficulty or case deserves.  If you are not satisfied with us we would like to know this at the earliest possible opportunity so that we can deal with your issues.