Family Law & Divorce

Sadly people encounter difficulties in their marriage and we are there to assist by advising and representing our clients in Court with necessary and presenting their position to their opposite number.   We are strong advocates of the Collaborative Law process whereby the parties involved work out their differences in a supportive environment with the benefit of legal advisors and family guidance professionals. This is an innovative way for couples to get through their difficulties which allows them to move forward – even if separately – which has huge benefits for the larger family network.  The Collaborative process also leaves room for reconciliation if the parties wish to explore such an avenue.  It is a unique feature of the Collaborative Process where parties are encouraged to meet with a person qualified as a counsellor to discuss their particular difficulties with a view to helping them focus on and articulate their difficulties and requirements to their partner in a respectful and supportive setting.


Where parties decide to negotiate a separation we can assist in the drafting of the agreement.  This can remain as an agreement or can become an Order of the Court and a Judicial Separation Order can be obtained.  We advise and assist our clients as they go through this process.  Where one party is a reluctant participant to the process the whole matter can be rendered difficult and time consuming.  It is a difficult time and we try to support our client throughout.


A court can grant an Order for Divorce when a number of pre-requisites have been met such as  that the parties have not lived together for 4 out of the previous 5 years and that adequate provision has been made for the spouses and dependants of the marriage.  Both parties have to complete Affidavits swearing their income and assets and outgoings.   We are expertly appointed to advise and make the relevant applications for a judicial separation or divorce.