When taking a personal injuries case you have to be totally honest to your doctor and your solicitor … but most importantly your doctor as everything hinges on the medical reports that you get from your doctors and also on your credibility. You should never over state your injuries to the doctor and you should always be aware that Insurance Companies frequently engage Private Investigators to observe those making a claim. So, if you inform the doctor that your injuries are worse that they are and that you are precluded from doing certain things, and you are caught on camera looking completely pain free while doing the very thing that you have told the doctor you cant do, your credibilty will suffer a blow and so will any compensation that you may hope to receive.

The converse is also true. If you are suffering from your injuries on a daily basis and take the view that you should just ‘get on with it’ and don’t visit your doctor informing him/her of your sypmtoms then no record will be kept by them. If your doctor has no record of how your injuries have been affecting you, the insurance company will take the view that your injuries are minor in nature since you had no need to visit your doctor. It is therefore very important that you are blatently honest with your doctor so that you get whatever compensation is due to you. In Personal Injuries Litigation everything hinges on the medical reports that your doctor can give your solicitor.